America’s chewy candy Problem


America’s chewy candy Problem

It is estimated that the average person in the United States eats almost nearly 25 pounds of candy every single year. Over 50% of that candy comes from the 51 chocolate bars that Americans eat every year. There are many types of candy out there for Americans to eat. In fact, over 1 in 4 adults in the United States will choose to have at least one piece of candy every day of the week. Now, this candy can range from being the traditional hard candy or a form of chewy candy, which can be less hard on the teeth.

America’s Candy Eating Habits

When it comes to looking at a demographic of children, they eat over 4 hard and chewy candies for every one eaten by the adults in the United States. Now adults prefer to eat chocolate candies above anything else, but it seems that children will gravitate more towards eating that of chewy candy, which they can often purchase at a candy shop or even a candy shop online. It really all depends where children decide to buy their chewy candies. Still, the amount of chewy candy, or candy in general consumed by the average American does say something about the rather unhealthy eating habits that are adopted within the United States even if the process is flowing at a rather moderate degree.

If this pattern of unhealthy eating was unhealthy enough, then it should be more alarming to know that Americans that are over 18 years old wind up consuming over 65 percent of the candy which is produced on a yearly basis. This alone should work to serve as a cause for concern regarding the over health and wellness of American citizens, be it adults or children who consume various form of candy ranging from bulk gummy candy, candy mints, chocolate, and lollipops. All these and many other candies, be they chew candy or hard candy only work to the detrimentally destructive eating habits the culture of the United States has very much adopted, in addition to that of the more fast food oriented diet that works as one of the big crotches they have when it comes to maintaining a healthy body as well as a healthy state of mind.

As essential as it would be for individuals in the United States to each speak with a nutritionist, it is not relatively hard to determine that the constant consumption of chewy candies is not relatively healthy in any sense for any person who is trying to maintain a healthy diet or at the very least a pattern of healthy eating habits.

In Conclusion

No greater point can be made other than the fact that people in theUnited States simply consume too much candy. It’s not a bad thing to be craving something sweet every once and a while, to adopt and embrace it to such a frequent degree only serves to further illustrate why many Americans are suffering from morbid obesity as well as other healthy problems such as diabetes, which can prove fatal in the long term after having consumed so much sugar over a course of time. To say that there is even a grand solution to something that although isn’t necessarily an epidemic, doesn’t say much given that the simple answer to America’s sugar problem is that Americans should simply stop consuming so much sugar. It is that simple, but only within the contextual framework of the diet they incorporate. Not eating any high sugar products will not be the be all end all solution for American’s and their need to get healthier when there are more factors to be accounted for. Exercise is also another factor American’s can and very much should adopt if they are to move past their unhealthy eating habits and get into the kind fo shape that essentially prevents them from having the long term problems commonly associated from long-term sugar consumption. Bottom line, people in the United States should simply stop eating high amounts of Sugar if they are to get into significantly better shape. It is that plain and simple.

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