Healthiest Types Of Herbal Tea You Should Be Consuming


Tea. Many individuals do not believe that this substance is as important to keeping you awake and on your feet as they do believe that coffee is capable of. There are many benefits to herbal tea that seems to go overlooked by those who believe that coffee is the greater substance. Here are a couple of herbal tea flavors that could be of more use to you than you may believe now.

Echinacea Tea

A herbal tea that boosts the immune system! Echinacea is known to be a great part of getting rid of the common cold and other infections that might over take the body at random. This tea has been proven to shorten the common cold and improve stuffy noses. If you’re looking for a cold treatment that is natural and helps you to ingest more fluids into your diet than Echinacea tea is the one you’re going to want to go out and buy.

Ginger Tea

Looking for a tea that not only stimulates the immune system but also helps in any sort of inflammation battles that your body might be going through? Ginger teas are the answer to that one. In order to take away any nausea or even motion sickness that you might be plagued by this type of tea could be the type that could help you do it. Ginger has many benefits from helping with high blood pressure and sugar control to maintaining your blood levels.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile has quite a few uses that you may not know about if you aren’t a constant tea drinker. From being an aid in sleep problems to aiding with the relief of depression chamomile tea is said to have these abilities. For treatment with everything from fighting diarrhea and easing stomach ulcers Chamomile tea is one of the herbal tea combinations that you may want to start drinking regularly.

Sage Tea

A strange type of flavored tea that you may not think to drink is sage tea. However, this type of tea has many benefits that you may not know about. Being shown to have a good hold on brain health this type of tea is known to even help with cognitive benefits and in some cases Alzheimer’s disease as well. Being known to improve moods and memory function in healthy adults sage tea is worth drinking and keeping on hand.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is an herbal tea that is said to help with bone heath in humans and also to maintain high blood pressure. Many of those who drink tea find themselves favoring rooibos tea with natural flavorings such as honey for a little added flavor to them. Rooibos tea can be one of the sweet tea flavors that are both invigorating and intriguing to those who like to experiment with different tea flavors.

Considering that four in five consumers tea every day on average, perhaps it is time to make a change and find a herbal tea that is right for you. With so many different beneficial beliefs to these different teas there is a tea for everyone out there and different ways to drink these teas as well. From sweet tea to black tea, with a bit of trail and error you can find the type of tea that is best suited for you to drink and to bring you a refreshing beverage that doesn’t carry fat, carbonation, added sugar or too much sodium.

Tea helps you to maintain your fluids without added any of the other negative benefits that come along with other liquids that you could be consuming and tea could be your best option to help you feel better and be better set for your busy days.

Skip that cup of coffee in the mornings and instead go for an option that has all naturally added favoriting and sugars without the negative benefits that potentially come along with your coffee if you have to sugar it up to drink it. Do your body a favor by drinking tea instead of those high sugar drinks such as juices and sugars. Maybe you’ll find something that tastes far better than any of those.

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