Is It Socially Acceptable To Drink At Brunch? An Investigation


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Brunch was first invented by English gentlemen looking to meet and dine together before country hunts. That tradition evolved in the cafes, restaurants, and diners of New York City to become a hugely popular American tradition. Not only are Sunday brunches a popular weekend get together for friends, they’re often incorporated into wedding plans as well. Sunday brunch ideas have become a staple of wedding planning, with brides looking for relaxed Sunday brunch ideas to cap off the best weekend ever.

And increasingly, Sunday brunch ideas include bottomless mimosas or make your own Bloody Mary stations. Even so, not everyone feels comfortable drinking at brunch, especially when brunching before noon. So, is it socially acceptable to drink at brunch? The answer is a qualified yes.

In fact, boozy brunches are an entire sub-culture of their own in cities like New York City and Washington D.C. There’s a reason so many restaurants offer bottomless mimosas. For brides looking for Sunday brunch ideas for their after wedding brunch, hungover guests might appreciate a mimosa pick me up after the night’s festivities.

But, and this is a big, big but, use common sense. While boozy brunches are increasingly common affairs, not all families will appreciate a booze-filled breakfast menu. And not every brunch calls for a Sunday morning cocktail.

Meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time? Maybe stick with coffee instead of that Bloody Mary. Don’t see any of your relatives imbibing at the Sunday brunch buffet? Then maybe order a virgin mimosa, also known as orange juice.

Plus, many cafes in New York City and other hip, urban locales have started cutting bottomless mimosas from their Sunday brunch ideas and menus. Unfortunately, some customers have taken the bottomless mimosa option as a personal challenge, causing drunken shenanigans to break out at Sunday morning eateries around the nation.

So, yes, you can order a drink at your next unlimited brunch. But remember, don’t over do it, and mind your surroundings. You don’t want to be the only one ordering a drink at a family brunch.

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