The Quintessentially Best Things About Being a Child


Drink cups

As we strive to provide the most supportive and growth-oriented experiences for our children, we might forget to call upon our most incredible resource: our own recollections of childhood. Sure, the children of the 2000s have it a little different. Regardless of the difference between our childhood and theirs, they will likely remember, and savor, the same things that we enjoyed as children.
Small, Simple, Unplanned Indulgences
Sure, you know you are getting cake on your birthday. But what about that time that mom got you gelato cups right after doctors appointment? Or when dad surprised all the neighbor kids with vanilla plastic ice cream cups? Children remember when parents over deliver on small indulgences. This could be as simple as giving your kid a taste at the grocery store from the gelato stations plastic tasting spoons. They’ll remember the fun you had later.
The Freedom of Summer
You may feel the inclination to plan your child’s summer out and be sure they’re busy for every second. However, keep in mind that until they are 65 and retired, they’ll never get three months to relax again. In this downtime, you child can learn to keep themselves entertained. They can figure out what they naturally are interested in, minus the pressures of a scheduled life. Maybe let your kids roam free this summer and see what it brings, aside from frequent paper ice cream cup purchases.
Getting Active with Mom and Dad
Childhood memories aren’t all made of sweets and ice cream cups with lids. Sometimes they are made of adventure. When you do things with your kids that really get your heart pumping – kayaking, mountain climbing, water skiing – they get to see a riskier side of you and they really remember it. Nurture your child’s sense of adventure by exploring more active tasks every once in a while.
Your child will seldom remember their screen time, but they will often remember life’s simple pleasures and adventures, from surprise plastic ice cream cups to zip lining on vacation.

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