Looking to Add More Greens to Your Diet?


Micro vegetables

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has found that micro greens can contain between four and 40 times more vitamins and minerals than their adult counterparts. Some studies indicate adding organic micro greens to your diet could produce new benefits to your health. Organic micro greens and edible flowers can be added to your food as accents, and their benefits are far more than simply an increase in vegetation in your diet. These benefits include more interest on the plate, a concentrated form of nutrients, and an overall elevated dining experience.

How Do I Go About Adding Organic Micro Greens to My Diet?

Micro greens are the very young versions of vegetable plants such as basil, celery, beet, broccoli, and many others. These young greens are such potent powerhouses of nutrition because they are super concentrated in the nutrients needed to grow larger. Because they are harvested just 14 days after germination, the micro greens remain tender and the flavor is mild. These characteristics make them attractive as a food accent.

What Types of Micro Greens and Edible Flowers Are Good For Regular Consumption?

Not all vegetables can be grown as micro greens. Some varieties of produce are not suitable because the micro version just does not produce the same quality as other options. There are about 100 varieties of edible flowers and micro greens. While they make excellent accents to your food plate, they should never replace your regular consumption of vegetables. These are considered specialty produce, and are meant to be an addition to one’s diet.

What Is Great About Using Organic Micro Greens in the Kitchen?

Micro greens are exciting because they pack a punch of nutrition in a small amount of food. However, fine dining establishments like them for other reasons. Firstly, these greens are mild in flavor, and tender in texture. This means that a chef can add them easily to many different dishes because their flavors will work well with the other flavors in the dish. Best of all, these young vegetable greens are best eaten raw.

Is the Micro Green Industry Fairly New?

Edible flowers have long been considered an element of fine dining, as they must be carefully sourced in a way that the average home cook lacks the patience for. What may surprise some people is that micro greens have also been on the scene for about 20 to 30 years, although they have experienced a boom in popularity in recent years. They can be a little tricky to grow at home, especially for novice gardeners. To remain in good condition, the micro greens are recommended to be kept at a temperature of about 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

Experimenting with new food trends can add some excitement to your plate. While micro greens and edible blossoms have been around for a few decades, there are always new recipes to try out. Because of their find dining associations, including just a handful of micro greens can both elevate a relatively simple dish, and add a dose of increased vitamins and minerals.

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