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While many of us are struggling through these cold winer weekends, there are others who are working on selecting a menu for a wedding reception. And while so many in the country will be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, another segment of the population will ignore the game altogether and dream of an upcoming summer event. Perhaps even making plans for summer event menus, dreaming of a warmer day. Halfway between those who are thoroughly engrossed in winter football weather and those who want to completely ignore the Super Bowl altogether, are a select number of people who are enjoying the best of both worlds.

Some of the most organized hosts will be trying out their summer event catering menu on their Super Bowl guests this Sunday. Beyond the goal of trying to make sure that they have the standard chips, queso, and salsa, these hosts are getting ready to serve their guests some of the same items that will be on an upcoming menu for a wedding reception or other special event.
Event Catering Requires Planning and Sometimes Allows Tasting!
One of the most fun parts about planning any big event is getting to test the sample foods. In fact, by meeting with a caterer early you can often make personal requests for the menu that you want to serve. And while some food catering menus do not allow any substitutions, others let the customer have full authority to make sure that the menu is just they way that they want it.

Budget. One of the first things to keep in mind whenever you meet with a caterer is how much money you can spend. If, for instance, you know that you can only manage a $10 a plate event you need to make sure that you communicate that information. Instead of tiered wedding cakes, for instance, some couples are opting for less expensive alternatives, such as cupcakes, cake pops, crepe cakes, macarons, and pies. Your caterer may not offer you this less expensive option if they do not understand your budget.

Guests. It is also important to let your caterer know not only how many guests will be in attendance, but also any special considerations. If, for instance, you have many elderly guests that might help dictate some of the menu choices. If, on the other hand, you have a number of guests who do not eat meat, it is important to make sure you communicate those considerations as well. Given that organic and sustainable ingredients are more and more available, brides and grooms want to have at least one green course on their wedding menus.

Wedding and other event planning can be both a fun and a stressful time. Making sure that you have clear understanding of what you want can help direct your conversations with your caterer. Currently, there are approximately 321,400 people in the U.S. working in the food service management and catering industry, so it is importantt that you find the right company to work with. Creating a menu for a wedding reception is different from planning for a 50th anniversary, but every kind of event planning and catering can be a success if you start your planning early. Some good caterers even make a practice run on Super Bowl weekend!

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