Preparing for the Upcoming Increase in Ice Cream Sales


Frozen dessert cups

Warmer weather and cold ice cream treats complement each other perfectly. For this reason, many restaurants sell the majority of their ice cream dishes during the spring and summer months. They may even stop selling ice cream entirely during the winter months. As we head into the spring months, ensure that you are prepared for your upcoming increase in ice cream sales. The average American will consume ice cream 28.5 times this year. The majority of these visits will occur during the upcoming warmer months.

Ice cream storage containers
Whether you churn your own ice cream or have it shipped into the restaurant, you have to have an effective storage process. Ice cream desserts need to be stored at a cooler temperature than many food products do. This may require a specific freezer cooler for proper temperature control. The ice cream itself also needs to be stored in an air tight container. If it is not air tight, the ice cream is prone to freezer burn, which can drastically affect the taste.

Ice cream serving supplies
You will need two different types of ice cream serving supplies. Customers who order their ice cream dessert in the restaurant will expect a glass bowl or container. If there are other dessert choices included with the ice cream, such as brownies, cookies, or ice cream toppings, the serving containers will need to hold them as well. In any given two week period, according to research by NPD Group, 40% of Americans will eat ice cream. Be sure that you have enough serving supplies to handle all of your ice cream dessert demands.

Customers who order their ice cream to go or in an ice cream shop setting will expect something disposable, such as disposable ice cream cups. Disposable cups and frozen yogurt cups allow them to transport the ice cream and then easily dispose of the product when they are finished. Disposable frozen yogurt cups and throw away ice cream spoons should be of high enough quality for consumption, but should not cost so much that they cannot easily be thrown out.

Specific brand of ice cream
Most ice cream suppliers have a preferred brand of ice cream that they either make or sell. Choosing the best ice cream brand for your customers will involve a series of tests and tastings. You will want to ensure that you have a good variety and that you are meeting the general demands of ice cream consumers. Having a vanilla option, for example, is important as according to a recent survey of International Ice Cream Association member companies, vanilla remains the most popular flavor among their consumers at 28%.

Find an ice cream brand that you trust and that is well known among your customers for the best sales. You can market this known brand further to current customers by including the logo or information about the brand on the disposable frozen yogurt cups. Print the brand on any store marketing materials as well, especially on the menus used for ordering.

Consider healthier alternatives
There are a lot of people who will consume ice cream regularly, despite its higher fat content and sugary ingredients. However, there are some people who attempt to skip dessert for a healthier diet. Consider offering healthier ice cream options, if possible, to target this population as well. Sometimes, frozen yogurt cups can be healthier than a large ice cream cone. Expand your ice cream dessert options to a wider population by paying attention to things like allergies, lower fat contents, milk alternatives, and healthier ingredients.

Thousands and thousands of pounds of ice cream are consumed throughout the year, with many of these pounds being consumed in the warmer months. If you are a restaurant that is preparing for your ice cream sales season, ensure that you are prepared with all of the necessary supplies. Be ready for the significant increase in ice cream sales with ice cream serving supplies, storage containers, ice cream dessert toppings, specific brands of ice cream flavors, and healthier ice cream dessert alternatives.

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