Sweet Memories Are the Best Memories


The neighborhood elementary school was a very special place for your family while your daughters were in their Montessori classrooms. As a parent, you had a lot of fun volunteering in their classrooms and working on the PTO with other parents. Both traditional classroom parents and Montessori parents were big parts of your lives when the girls attended, and some of these families are still very good friends. In fact, your younger daughter just graduated with one of her preschool Montessori classmates. With only a handful of Montessori friends at her high school, this was a special connection for those families.

This year, however, your nest is empty, and for the first time in many years you have plenty of idea time. Attempting to find a way to payback that elementary school that offered so much to your family, you decided to make what your husband calls a very sweet gesture. After recently attending the marriage of some good friends you were completely enamored with the wedding candy bar. This, you decided, was the perfect approach to welcoming the elementary teachers back for the year. With different sizes and styles of jars filled with tootsie roll candies, old fashioned candies, and gourmet lollipops, you made plans to fill the teacher’s lounge with your welcome gift.

Wedding Candy Bars Are a Great Way to Fill the Gap Between Ceremony and Reception

Although the idea came from the wedding candy bar, it was easy to adapt to the welcome back to school day. You have always considered the teachers your daughters have had to be not only leaders in the classroom, but also in life. You still smile when your grown daughters talk about their memories of their earliest years in their elementary school. They supported your daughters by allowing them to adapt writing instructions to their own strengths, and trusted that your girls would cover the required information, even if they selected a writing topic that was a little off topic.

You love to take pictures, which is good because you are a gymnastics, show choir, and cross country mom. You also love to read and to write, and travel with your husband and two daughters. Fortunately, when your children were in elementary school their teachers allowed you to bring your skills into their rooms, and were understanding when a family trip took the girls out of class. The wedding candy bar adapted to the teacher’s lounge is a perfect way to say thank you to a school that meant so much to your family for so many years.

Not surprising to you, Americans over 18 years of age consume 65% of the candy which is produced each year. This only serves as confirmation that this kind of sweet spread would easily transfer from a wedding candy bar to a room of any size, including the teacher’s lounge.

The fact that your older daughter graduated from last May served as the end of an era, and the fact that your younger daughter graduated from high school last May will likely mean that you will be less involved in the local schools. On this first back to school day when you will not be sending someone out the door of your house seemed like the perfect time to make a sweet investment in those teachers who played such important roles in the lives of your daughters. You have been a substitute teacher in this same district for the last 13 years, and your daughters attended this elementary for a combined 10 years, but this year really feels like a transition. A transition that you wanted to mark with a wedding candy bar idea transformed to a different kind of celebration.

The latest research indicates that 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate are consumed in America each year. This equals nearly 11 pounds a person. You decided that this year you would add your own numbers to this statistic. With chocolate candy wrapped in the school logo and name, you hope that these sweet treats will help make for a great first day. No one, you are certain, deserves more recognition than the teachers who are going to be impacting the next generation of learners. What a sweet way to start!

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