Taking A Closer Look At The Typical Coffee Shop In The United States


From cheap paper cups to stir sticks to the right size of lids, there are many different components that go into the running of a successful coffee establishment. In fact, coffee shops are in part so successful because they offer convenience items like cheap paper cups and wooden stir sticks for coffee. Without this attention to detail, it is unlikely that so many a small coffee shop would have been able to achieve the same level of success.

But, of course, it is also true that most people in the United States REALLY love their coffee and coffee beverages (ranging from shots of espresso to lattes to mochas, etc, etc.). In fact, while as much as thirty percent of the adult population of the United States drinks coffee on an occasional basis and not necessarily a regular one, the average person drinks more than one and a half cups of coffee every single day. And it’s not unlikely for a regular coffee drinker to actually drink more than three cups of coffee a day.

And coffee comes in many varieties and specialty beverages. While up to thirty five percent of all coffee drinkers take their coffee black, meaning that there is no cream or sugar added, this is not the norm. Instead, the majority of people who drink coffee – around sixty five percent of them – take their coffee with varying amounts of cream as well as sugar.

But a lot of it comes down to personal preference, meaning that it is important for all coffee shops to offer not only cream and sugar, but cheap paper cups, stirrers, and even sugar substitutes and cream substitutes (some people will prefer half and half while others will try to avoid dairy at all costs). Having a do it yourself station can mean that people get to make their coffee to their own tastes, allowing them the best possible coffee drinking experience.

But why cheap paper cups and the lids that go with them? It’s simple – the typical person is looking for coffee on the go, something that cheap paper cups can provide. Coffee shops are especially busy in the morning and during lunch hours, when office workers from around the country are looking for their coffee fix, a little something that will help them to get through the work day. Cheap paper cups allow such workers to take their coffee with them and do not confine them to finishing their coffee while still in said coffee shop. On top of this, cheap paper cups can help coffee shops to save money – and garner more customers.

Of course, plain coffee is not the only coffee beverage that has become popular here in the United States. In fact, it has recently been found that espresso based coffee beverages make up more than thirty percent of the total sales that are done by the typical small and independently run coffee shop – no matter where you might be located in the country. These drinks have a lot of variety to them, and just as much customization, if not more, than your standard cup of coffee.

For instance, lattes have become the perfect fall and winter weather drink for many, and they are even a decadent treat for some, as they come flavored by many different syrups. During the fall months, pumpkin spice lattes are king, and mint chocolate lattes become common and popular around the winter season. Lattes can be made to suit many different dietary needs as well, as many different milks, from soy milk to almond milk to even coconut milk, have become widely used by coffee shops all throughout the country. Best of all is that lattes served in cheap paper cups are just as portable as any other type of coffee, allowing you to take them anywhere you might wish to.

From lattes to cups of black coffee, there are many ways to get your caffeine fix when you need it the most. Local coffee shops will provide you with whatever you need, from cheap paper cups to milk alternatives to various sugar substitutes.

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