The Benefits of No Grain Dog Food


Have you ever wondered if no grain dog food is the way to go? Watch this video from Chewy to the end as Carson discusses some incredible benefits of no-grain food for your dog.

Stop Grain Allergies

Since the ancient dog ancestors ate food mainly consisting of protein, dogs may have developed an allergy to grain over the years. Having a no-grain diet can help eliminate this allergy.

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It’s Better for Their Digestive System

No grain in your doggo’s food means their digestive system can process foods with fewer problems and it results in smaller poops too. They’ll also be less gassy since grain has a negative effect on their digestive system.

No Grain Food Is Better for Their Coat

Perhaps your dog’s coat isn’t looking as great for a while, it might be the food they’re eating, and it might be high in grain. Less or no grain at all can improve their coat, and it will glow with health.


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