Three Reasons to Have a Wedding at a Golf Course


Places for wedding receptions

There are many choices to be made and details to be negotiated when planning a wedding. Some are comparatively minor, like invitation paper, others are major, like the venue. This issue is vital enough that the average budget for reception and wedding site is just under $30,000. To be considered, a venue must be large enough to hold all the attendees, but small enough to still feel intimate, have good places for pictures, and make a bride feel like her wedding will be unique, among other things. For a bride in Wilmington, Delaware, the local golf course greens might not be the first thought when considering where to have her white wedding, but perhaps it should be. Here are three reasons to consider one of the Wilmington De golf courses when listing the best places to have a wedding.

  1. Pictures: A good photographer can work many wonders, but they cannot make a subpar location a beautiful site. That is up to the bride and groom selecting a place with good choices for backgrounds. Whether fans of golf or not, it is hard to deny the beauty of many golf course greens. For outdoor pictures, it would be hard to find a location so well landscaped that included so many options for the location of these once in a lifetime photos. Wilmington brides considering outdoor wedding places will feel almost spoiled with the beautiful choices offered by the gold courses.
  2. Exclusivity: Mentioning country club weddings brings to mind upper echelon affairs with prized invitations, a grand image to most brides. A golf course will likely only have one event at a time, meaning the bride will be the center of attention for the entire, vast property. Using this as the qualification for high ranking on the list of unique wedding places, golf course greens certainly place high.
  3. Food: Taking menu options into consideration when choosing venues will certainly be appreciated by the guests lucky enough to attend. No boiled chicken here, golf courses likely have a more diverse menu, with more than the standard fare. A wedding brunch will do especially well in such a location as gold courses are well used to providing stellar Sunday brunch, an experience the bride can then happily take advantage of for her special day.

Clearly, there are many benefits to choosing a golf course as a wedding venue. If that is the choice of a Wilmington bride, there is no doubt she will be well pleased.

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