What Is Guacamole Made Of?


Veggie dip

Answer: This snack is made from the following ingredients. Peeled, pitted, and mashed avocados. The juice of one lime. Half of a diced fresh yellow onion. Two Roma tomatoes finely chopped. The following spices added to taste: three tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro, one teaspoon minced garlic, and one pinch ground cayenne pepper.
Question: What is guacamole?
Known as one of the more healthy and less fattening foods, avocados are the key ingredient for popular fresh guacamole dips. Eaten alone, as a dip for chips, or spread on tortillas for its robust taste, guacamole dips are a fresh snack or a popular side dish for many Mexican entrees.
Snack time in America has become a challenging time for many adults and children. The temptation to rely on empty calorie, quick energy snacks is great, often easier than taking the time to find a more healthy alternative. If, however, a person stops to think about what is guacamole made of, they realize that a snack created from fresh vegetables is better than a snack that consists of nothing more than sugar and carbohydrates. In fact, many surveys indicate that as many as 90% of Americans barely eat a cup of vegetables a day, not enough to meet the requirement.
Unfortunately, Americans make these poor eating choices in spite of the growing amount of evidence that proves healthy eating can lead to a better life. For example, people who consume fruit and vegetables three or more times a day, compared to those who eat fewer than two servings a day, are 27% less likely to have a stroke. They are also 25% less likely to have cardiovascular diseases, also known as CVD.
Questions to ask before choosing between snacks?

  • What is guacamole made of?
  • What is hummus made of?
  • What is salsa made of?
  • What is a candy bar made of?
  • What is a cupcake made of?
  • What is a cake made of?

If the answer to the snack question is vegetables and protein, those snacks like guacamole, hummus, and salsa, are obviously the better choice. If the answer is high sugar content, those snacks like candy, cake, and cupcakes, are obviously a much less healthy choice.
what are you selecting as snack options for yourself and for your family. Are you providing a refrigerator full of healthy fruit and vegetables, or are you providing a cupboard full of salty and sugary snacks?
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