Unique Wedding Catering Ideas For Your Special Day


Hors doeuvres menu

Planning your wedding involves seemingly endless details, but there is no question that food is one of the most important. Finding the right menu for weddings is one of the most important tasks that a couple has. Fortunately, there are ways to plan out a menu and find good caterers without being boring. The following are some creative ways to have fun with your wedding menu, taking you special day to the next level.

  • Food Truck: Who doesn’t love a food truck? You can take this urban trend and make it part of your wedding. Just be sure to work with an event planning and catering professional to find the right truck.
  • Sundae Bar: DIY desserts were a popular wedding trend this year, and what better way to do that than a make your own sundae bar? Everyone loves ice cream, so provide a few flavors and a spread of toppings for guests to create their yummy treat.
  • Finger Food: Why have appetizers at the beginning of the reception when they can be the main meal? Many professional catering services specialize in finger food, so find one who does it elegantly. You can get creative with presentation too, using small containers to serve your guests.
  • Carnival Food: Another trend for this year is taking everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure and putting it the menu for weddings. From donuts to large pretzels, your guests will feel nostalgic as they munch on these fun snacks.
  • Drinkable Dessert: This dessert will give wedding cakes a run for their money.
    Consider serving hot chocolate and cappuccinos after dinner. Even when guests are too full from dinner for cake, they will still enjoy a warm beverage. This can be especially fun for Fall and Winter weddings.

Remember that the best wedding menus will show your unique personality. This is why you and your partner should take the time to consider all of your options. Before you commit to one type of food, visit different caterers and try their cuisine. They might even have ideas for how to give your catering an extra twist. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Your guests will have a blast regardless.

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