Using Organic Royal Jelly like a Queen Bee


You are no doubt familiar with organic honey and its uses. The average American eats over a pound of honey annually, making it a popular natural sweetener. Many people, however, are less familiar with organic royal jelly, another pudding-like secretion produced in the center of the beehive. Pure royal jelly is a mix of sugars and proteinsthat are fed to queen bees and developing larva inside the hive.

While you may inwardly recoil at the thought of using and consuming the same nutrient-rich secretion as our insect friends, organic royal jelly is used across the globe for various purposes. Here are just a few.

Royal Jelly may be an autoimmune booster.

While the health benefits of honey and bee-products are still hotly debated, many opt to use organic royal jelly and royal jelly capsules to treat a host of health conditions /a>, such as asthma, osteoporosis, and aging. Whether or not organic royal jelly contains all of the health benefits that some claim remains to be seen, but it also stands to reason that a nutrient and protein rich substance must have health benefits as well.

Royal Jelly can support with skin care.

Not only is organic royal jelly filled with protein, but it also has high levels of collagen. As a result, several people use organic royal jelly to improve the health and appearance of their skin. Others claim that organic royal jelly balances hormones that can cause breakouts and combats hyperpigmentation. The jelly can either be taken by the spoonful, as a capsule, or mixed to make a facial mask.

Of course, royal jelly is also edible.

Although most royal jelly proponents use it to improve their own health and wellness, you can mix a bit of royal jelly in with your usual raw organic honey for an added bit of nutrients. Honey mixed with royal jelly is also available through specialty retailers. Some fantastic suggestions have included marinating chicken/a> in a honey/jelly mixture or adding a small amount /a> to a honey smoothie. A word of caution on this, though: it is generally not recommended that you consume more than a half tablespoon per day with food.

There you have it! Some of the best supplements and nutrients are the ones that are produced organically, and royal jelly is no exception. Why not give it a try and see what cures and uses you can find for it?

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