What Should You Include in Your Home Tequila Bar?


You have probably heard about the benefits of including tequila in your home bar but do not know what else to include. This video shows a vast collection of tequila you can choose for your tequila bar.

Tequila has become enormously popular over the years. In fact, there are over 800 types of tequilas available today.

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Tequila is made from blue agave plants and distilled into alcohol through a complex distillation process involving fermentation and aging. The taste differs from region to region depending on where the agave is grown and harvested. While some people prefer to sip straight from the bottle, others enjoy mixing it into cocktails.

There are many types of tequila, and they vary widely in price, flavor, strength, alcohol content, and serving size. For example, Reposado means rested and refers to the aging process in oak barrels. Anejo is aged for longer periods, often in wood casks, and has higher-quality agave. Blanco is the lowest priced type meaning fermentation happened in stainless steel tanks. However, all tequilas are fairly smooth, and their differences are subtle. The only way to tell the difference is through a tasting.


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