What’s The Difference Between Authentic Mexican And A Cheap Imitator?


What separates good Mexican cuisine from a run-of-the-mill meal?

When you’ve got endless months of hot weather and plenty of parties to go to, learning about what makes authentic Mexican authentic will mean all the difference. That’s because the best Mexican food is today’s most popular cultural cuisine, even beating out Chinese and Italian in sheer sales. There’s always a flipside to every good thing, however, and it can be easy to take any old burrito or nacho bowl as a taste of cultural goodness. Learn more about how to spot authentic Mexican food below by brushing up on some history and truly embracing what makes this cultural cuisine such a beloved staple the world over.

The History Of Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine has been around for a long, long time. In fact, it’s believed that Mexican food has been derived from what the Mayan Indians prepared as far as 2,000 years ago. The term enchilada would first be referenced in the United States in 1885, with the concept of the popular tortilla being linked back to the Aztecs. For those eager to brush up on their Spanish, the word enchilada means ‘in chile’. Today Mexican cuisine has remained the most popular form of ethnic cuisine in the United States, already well-known for being a multicultural hub.

Modern Variations On A Classic

What’s your favorite thing to eat at your local Mexican restaurant? Do you go straight for the delicious, steaming hot tamale or crispy chicken enchiladas? Salsa has become the number one condiment around the world, surpassing even ketchup and mayonnaise as a must-have in American refrigerators. Tortillas have been outselling hot dog buns since 2010, to boot, and today has never been a better time to incorporate Mexican food in your day-to-day diet. The invention of Tex-Mex is a popular variety that cropped up in the 1940’s, a great example of the best food the United States and Mexico have to offer.

Authentic Mexican Is Healthy And Delicious

What’s even better than food that’s delicious and fresh? Food that’s delicious, fresh and healthy. Mexican food incorporates all the major food groups and with gusto, meaning you’ll never be wanting for taste or essential minerals as you chow down. Mexico is in the top four ‘megabiodiverse’ countries around the world, with anywhere from 60% to 70% of the well-known diversity on the planet located in Mexico alone. Even a cup of salsa can give you quite a variety of major vitamins due to it incorporating tomatoes, peppers, onions and all sorts of wonderful spices.

You Can Find Good Catering Mexican Food Everywhere

While it’s important to know the difference between authentic Mexican and a cheap imitator, you won’t have to look very far to find good catering. Mexican food remains the most popular ethnic food segment in the United States by a landslide. One out of every 10 restaurants in the country sell Mexican food, making it the most popular form of international cuisine, and as of 2011 there were over 38,000 Mexican restaurants dispersed across major cities and small towns. One interesting study even found over 67,000 restaurants in the United States serve a burrito!

Embracing Authentic Mexican Cuisine In Your Life

With summer comes camping, parties and lots of time to chill and enjoy your time off. Authentic Mexican food can only make your memories sweeter. A study found three-quarters of consumers stating they are actively looking for new flavors in their ethnic cuisine, with two-thirds specifying they’re craving bolder flavors and more unfamiliar varieties. Authentic Mexican is more than just a basic bean burrito or some chips. It’s a rich, gooey, crispy experience that fills you up and leaves you craving more. Each meal, whether it’s a quesadilla or a tamale, should incorporate a variety of sauces, spices and ingredients. Whether you eat meat or are a strict vegetarian, you’ll have plenty to enjoy!

You know authentic Mexican is the real deal when you can literally taste the difference.

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