Here are Just a Few Benefits of Eating Peanuts and Other Nuts


In this day and age, in most first world countries and societies, there is generally no shortage of snacks and favorite foods. Everyone has their go to thing that they like to munch on, and some snacks can get quite elaborate. But it is some of the simplest ones that are often the best at satisfying cravings or light hunger pangs. Think of the bag of peanuts that you get on the plane or a nice combination of nuts and seeds, fruit, and maybe chocolate in your favorite trail mix. And the best part? The benefits of eating peanuts and other nuts can go beyond simply the deliciously satisfying taste.

The many advantages of peanuts and other nuts

Yes, the list of peanut benefits often begins with how tasty the simple snack is, whether you are enjoying them roasted, salted, dipped in chocolate, or raw. But on top of those obvious benefits of eating peanuts, there are a few surprising tidbits that have surfaced as a result of many different studies. For one thing, some results have shown that eating nuts could actually improve brain function.

More specifically, one particular study that lasted about two months was conducted on 64 young adults in good, healthy condition. The results concluded that eating walnuts helped to improve their general comprehension. Another study showed that people who were eating nuts two or more times every week were 31% less inclined to put on weight than those who never at nuts, or who rarely did.

The popularity of peanuts and tree nuts

While there are nut allergies to consider and navigate, it is often a pretty safe bet that peanuts, cashews, almonds, and other kinds of nuts are going to be a big hit for just about any crowd. There is a reason that it is a popular snack to serve as an appetizer, at bars, on planes, at cocktail parties, and more. Peanuts and peanut products specifically are quite popular, as evidenced by the fact that peanuts and peanut butter alone add up to 67% of all the nut consumption across the country. Over the course of six years, people across the United States consumed around120 million pounds of peanut butter each year. Peanuts are a majorly popular item, but all nuts have their place too. People love different types of nuts, and they are such a great addition to so many dishes, desserts, and other snack items.

Study after study shows the many benefits of eating peanuts and other nuts, which is great news for those who revel in the delicious taste of the popular snack.

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