6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Caterer



You are throwing yet another party. Lots of planning, lots of cooking, lots of money spent; it’s always the same thing. You try to budget and plan but it just never goes according to the way you designed it to. Well, this article is meant to outline one way that you could make this party different; why this party could be stress free and dare I say, even fun for you to attend.

Hiring a caterer may just be the best decision that you ever made regarding parties. Food is the main event of any party. In fact, most parties are judged by how good the food is. We place a lot of importance into food, as humans. So, as party planners, we should place even more importance on it. Here are some great reasons why you should hire a caterer instead of cooking the meal yourself.

  1. You can enjoy the food.
    Doesn’t food always taste better when it has been made by someone else? Maybe it’s because we are taste testing all the way through so 1, we aren’t hungry when it comes time to eat or 2, we taste the gradual change of flavors so we can’t tell when it hits perfection. Well, having a caterer will let you be able to enjoy the delicious food without having to do any of the work.

  2. No last minute runs
    When you are the one cooking, it seems like no matter how organized you are with everything and how perfect your grocery list is, you always forget something. Running to the grocery store at the last minute before the party just adds to the stress. You want to be able to stay and decorate or delegate but having to leave hours before the party for an errand that should have been completed already is frustrating.
  3. No prep time
    With no preparation or cooking time needed, you just bought yourself hours upon hours of party planning and decorating time. Catering a party requires a phone call and a couple conversations but no hard labor time from you is needed.
  4. No expensive dishes needed
    When you are providing the food yourself, not only do you have to spend on the actual food, you must buy the plates, cups, knives, silverware, napkins, drinks, bowls, etc. Event catering will provide all of that for you included in the price, you don’t have to even worry about it.

  5. No mess
    One of the best parts of hiring a caterer is that you are not responsible to clean up the mess. Many catering services will offer a clean up crew at the end of the event. So, you don’t have any dishes to do or messes to clean up. Not to mention the oils that cling to your cupboards and tops of your cabinets and counters. You can go home to an entirely clean house; well, no more dirtier than it would have been without a party.
  6. You can focus on other things
    With all the food situation sorted out, you are free to think about the other elements of the party or even just about getting yourself ready. Decorating and music and games and whatever else you have prepared can all be done ahead of time, leaving you with the hours before the party free to get yourself dolled up and make sure the children are presentable.

Whether you have a personal chef or find a caterer online, you are sure to be able to enjoy the party so much more than if you were in charge of everything. Part of being a great party planner is knowing how to delegate. Part of delegating is knowing who to get to do the work. Who better, than the professionals? Don’t worry if you don’t have to; stress is a choice and when you are planning a party, food does not have to be something you are stressing out about. Even small party catering is available. Anything can be catered, you just have to call! Set a budget and get that phone dialing; it is as simple as that.

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