Considerations When Hiring A Caterer


Event menus

Hiring a caterer can be a complicated decision. It depends on the venue, the event, the menu (everything from the hors doeuvres menu to the main course to the dessert selection), the people attending. It can be a daunting task, and one that can set the tone for the entire event. After all, everyone loves food, and a delicious meal can cap off a perfect evening.

Food service, catering in particular, is a lucrative business. Over 300,000 people in the United States are employed in food service in some manner. These caterers and staffs to caterers work to provide the best service possible. Part of that is making sure that the food they serve complies with food safety laws, so that their customers are only ever served safely. Many caterers are also able to accommodate specific dietary needs, even altering recipes in order to conform to religious beliefs or allergies. Good caterers, who manage their cooks, servers, cleaners, and dishwashers and makes sure that everyone is on time and performing their tasks to high standards, can also sometimes manage more than just food related things. Some caterers even handle decor needs as well as table decorations and food presentation.

Event menus can be difficult to plan. A menu for a wedding might differ drastically from a menu for a business meeting (for example, many brides and grooms now opt to serve a late night snack at their weddings. This is most likely not going to happen at a business meeting). Choosing a catering company to best suite your needs, like a corporate catering company, is a consideration to make. An hors doeuvres menu, or appetizer menu, is often a crucial at most events, however. An hors doeuvres menu can be casual or more formal, depending on the event, but new trends are steering away from heavy, cream based foods. For example, a mozzarella ball with a balsamic drizzle and a little basil is a popular choice for an hors doeuvres menu right now. Another popular choice for an hors doeuvres menu could be a Thai inspired lettuce wrap with chicken and peanut sauce.

For main courses, make your own food bars (think taco station complete with guacamole, pasta station, and a sundae bar) are becoming more and more popular for formal events. It is important to consider, however, that having a buffet is more cost prohibitive than a sit down, plated meal. It’s also important to consider your venue when hiring a caterer and planning a menu. Some venues, particularly in rural locations, might not have fully equipped kitchens ready for your caterer to use. In situations like these, the caterer would have to bring more of their own equipment, driving up the overall price of their services.

Good event planning and catering can transform an even from good to great. From the hors doeuvres menu to the main course, caterers can provide the food that will leave guests satisfied and an event successful.

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