When Choosing a Grill Think About the Size And Convenience Features


Home depot smoker grill

If you have been thinking about buying a personal grill, the Home Depot smoker grill aisle is probably a familiar place for you. The U.S. Census Bureau found that in 2016, there were nearly 80 million Americans reportedly using their grills regularly. Barbecue and smoking are very American-style forms of cooking. They have a distinct association with warm summer months and outdoor picnics, however these forms of cooking are certainly appropriate year-round.

Because BBQ is frequently seen as only appropriate during the summer months, there are many homes that lack even a classic grill. It would be a mistake to assume that the Home Depot smoker grill aisle has nothing for you and your cooking needs. Below are a few reasons why having a grill and smoker can add to your cooking repertoire.

Barbecuing and Smoking Your Food Means One Thing: More Flavor.

Something magical happens when enough heat is applied to food, especially meats. The alchemical result of char and melting fat is highly desirable, and difficult to create by other methods of cooking. In small doses, smoke can add a wonderful depth of flavor. While a good barbecue can add a touch of smokiness, an actual smoker grill will work much better if you really want to get that delicious smokiness.

Buying the Right Smoker For You: Size Plays a Part.

When looking at the shiny new ones in the Home Depot smoker grill aisle or online at other stores, don’t be swayed by the fancy ones that are more than you need. For example, those people living in an apartment with a tiny porch, a restaurant-sized industrial BBQ smoker will be a little bit of overkill, unless you plan to start a bootleg BBQ joint from your apartment.

It would be much wiser to look into smaller smokers, such as a kitchen smoker or portable smoker. These options are able to smoke enough meat for even a large familial gathering. The benefits of a portable smoker are clear: you can be the cool friend who brings a smoker grill to the outdoor party or tailgate. A kettle-style charcoal grill is a good, traditional option.

Choosing a Great Barbecue Grill For Your Home.

Interestingly, the best advice for choosing a good barbecue is not what you would expect. Size is important, however what matters more is choosing one that makes the act of barbecuing easy. This means looking at the ash grate, to see if it allows for easy removal. Next, check to see how easy it is to add extra wood chips or charcoal. Depending on the cut of meat, barbecuing can take up to 45 minutes. It can be a pain to figure out how to add more fuel to the fire in the middle of grilling. So when you’re hanging out in the Home Depot smoker grill aisle, make sure you play around and open up all of the compartments to see how everything works.

Of the regular grill enthusiasts surveyed, about 71% cite better flavor as the number one reason why they love to grill or smoke their meats. Improved taste doesn’t have a season. If you don’t yet have a barbecue grill or portable smoker, perhaps it’s time you thought about adding one to your kitchen.

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