The Rise of Craft Brewing in America


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Many Americans have a love for craft beer that knows no bounds. Whether it is domesticated or imported, beer in general has been loved by Americans for generations and generations. It is loved at sporting events, such as football and hockey and baseball and basketball games. It is loved at the college level, where tailgating involves people getting drunk.

It is loved in Irish pubs, in English pubs, in Italian restaurants, in Mexican restaurants. Simply put, beer is loved. It is that smooth taste, that amber liquid, the slightly bitter taste of the hops, and the delicate feeling the stomach when it goes down. Americans love their beer. It is even moreso with craft beer.

Craft beer in America is defined as a company that sells less than X amounts of beer. That X amount many come in bottles or may come in the general ounces metric. Craft beer breweries have cropped up all over the United States in the past two decades. What was once a niche industry has now become beloved across America.

For a look at craft beer popularity, it is possible to take a look at many individual states across the country to see how much craft beer they consume among the populace. Craft beer is notoriously tough to sell, especially when there are many craft beer breweries vying for the local market. Many states have dozens of craft breweries.

Some smaller areas have even more than that. There are certain locations around the United States where craft brewing is widely known as something that is both rewarding and exciting as a possible career. Many know people who work for breweries, making beer, celebrating the making of beer, distributing the beer.

The craft breweries in numerous locations have opportunities for young men and women to receive employment at these locations, to brew beer and to distribute beer. Some of these breweries are growing in size, selling their brews in bottles to retailers or bars across the region, sometimes across the state.

These craft breweries have altered the consumption of beer within their localities and municipalities. Americans now have more options that just the Budweiser or the other nationally brewed beers. They have the option of trying an IPA that gives new taste.

Craft brews come in many flavors, depending on the amount of grain and hops involved. The flavor may vary according to brewery and according to beer within a brewery. The breweries involved tend to make their beers more distinctive than beers typically seen on the market. The idea behind this distinction is product differentiation.

One of the many appeals for craft brews for its customers lies in its alcohol content, which is often wildly different from than of national big brand beers. The alcohol content of IPAS is often greater than that of big brand beers, sometimes containing as much as 10% alcohol.

The alcohol content of big brand beers generally falls into the range of 4% to 5% alcohol, whereas IPAs generally get much higher. Therefore, IPAs are a better drink if the person is looking to get buzzed or hammered, whereas the big brand beers are good just to sip on if the person isn’t looking to get drunk.

There are many different ways in which a craft brewery will ship out its goods. One of the ways is to ship out there goods to retailers in bottles or six-packs, which are then sold to customers out of locations such as gas stations or grocery stores. That is generally the strategy for selling them to retailers.

To sell to bars, craft breweries are generally sold in kegs, which are large metal containers from which a tap can be hooked up, which then goes into the tap at the bar, for which people receive beer “from the tap.” This is often a large amount of beer and can come in pints if need be.

To sell takeout beer, companies use a container called a growler. A growler, whether a called a growler container, a growler keg, or insulated growlers, is a large jug that is plugged at the top. Insulated growlers keep the liquid cold; in fact, insulated growlers are generally better for transporting the beer to a party.

Insulated growlers are sold in many breweries as a packaging option.

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