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There’s a lot more to events and catering than just weddings. All caterers will try and provide a tasty menu, but really good caterers will take time to understand the nature of your event, whether it’s an intimate and low-key cocktail party or a big bash at a venue in the city. Part of making your event a success is making sure that your guests are comfortable. Today, that means being able to choose from a food catering menu that understands dietary trends: troughs of heavy foods seated over Sterno flames may be appropriate for hotel buffets, but it’s not how you want to feed your guests. Keep the following in mind when you shop for a caterer and you stand a better chance of finding a company you can use again and again.

  • Avoid fried foods and anything that will put your guests in a food coma
  • For celebrations, consider a big-cake alternative: cupcakes, cake-pops, mini-pies, etc
  • Be up front about any food allergies, restrictions or religious dietary requirements — more advance notice means a better chance of getting what you need, while last minute surprises can be tough to accommodate
  • Financial constraints are also important to mention up front and can help avoid discrepancies when settling up; if you’re on a very tight budget, perhaps consider a daytime or brunch event
  • “Make Your Own…” food stations are increasingly popular and can cut on cost since they only require periodic maintenance rather than a dedicated server — tacos, sliders, and sundaes top the list
  • Talk to friends and associated to get event catering ideas. Having a strong sense of what your needs are from the start will help any outside catering services understand whether they’re the right fit for your event. Events and catering can be very stressful, but with the best event planner, corporate catering company or solid event catering service, you can concentrate on enjoying your guests and leave the hassle to someone else.

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