Three Recipes That Use Microgreens to Enhance Visual Appeal


Micro herbs

Lots of us would admit that despite knowing the nutritional benefits offered by salad, we don’t eat it as much as we should. If there’s a choice between a leafy green mixture of romaine lettuce and a greasy pizza, most people would choose the latter. Unfortunately, it’s easy to disregard the countless benefits of healthy food because more processed food has an instantaneous pop of flavor that more nutritious options don’t always provide.

If you’re feeling like it’s time to give up on health food, don’t dismiss it so fast. The food production industry focuses on more than developing over-processed food, and one recent advancement is the advent of microgreens. Microgreens are simply the vegetables you already know (and hopefully love), harvested in their youth before they develop into larger plants. What’s the point of microgreens? Of course, we’d all like to look and feel younger, and these baby vegetables boast all the best qualities of youth. They have a delicate, fresh appearance and a vibrant taste. If this specialty produce has piqued your interest, keep reading to learn a few ways you can incorporate microgreens into your diet.

Use microgreens to make a drink extra special

These edible flowers, as they are affectionately known, can be used to give a boring cocktail or cup of tea an extra pop of color. If you’re bored with citrus and celery as a go-to garnish, consider using microgreens to give your evening cocktail a unique twist. Arugula and basil are popular choices to give your drink an extra shot of green. You can also use these mini vegetables to garnish your tea and give it more visual appeal. Another use is to make fresh tea — because they’re harvested in their youth, they pack a punch of flavor that more mature vegetables don’t have. There’s a growing trend of edible flowers used as teas, based on the unexpected strong flavor of delicious microgreens.

Use these mini veggies to make a bland salad more interesting

The typical salad you purchase at the grocery store has lettuce, some faded carrots, and undesirable cabbage. If you have kids, you’re probably all too familiar with your children’s resistance to eat salad, even with your insistence that it’s good for you. Microgreens are usually 1 to 1.5 inches in height, and have a much richer color than typical vegetables. Use them to boost visual appeal and encourage your kids to eat healthy. You might even find that you are more enticed by that previously boring salad!

Use microgreens to garnish dessert

Okay, dessert is already delicious and usually visually appealing, so why add these edible flowers? They are a great secret to make your classic recipe seem super fancy and elegant. Guest will wonder what your secret is…it’s up to you whether you reveal the many benefits of microgreens!

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