Why Americans Are Still Obsessed With Ice Cream


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Did you know that there are 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream produced in the United States every year? It’s true! Americans seem to have an insatiable appetite for the dairy treat in all its forms. 90 percent of households in America indulge in this delicious dish on a regular basis, and in any given two-week period, an astonishing 40 percent of Americans eat ice-cream in one of its many forms!

So what makes this beloved dessert so classic and timeless? We think it may have something to do with all the different ways of consuming it that exist. Let’s look over a few of these cold and sugary options, and try not to get too hungry in the process.

    Frozen Yogurt

    Who doesn’t enjoy slurping down six or seven frozen yogurt cups in the course of an afternoon… or maybe in the course of twenty minutes? If the thought gives you a chill of pleasure (rather than a vicarious brain freeze), you’re not alone. At the end of 2013, there were 2,582 frozen yogurt stores in existence. Whether you’re buying frozen yogurt supplies wholesale to start your own chain, or simply in search of a quick treat for the afternoon, this dish cannot be beat.


    Gelato is the quiet yet passionate Italian cousin of frozen yogurt. When trying their first gelato cups, many people can’t believe how good it tastes. Gelato has 3 to 8% milk fat, and around 25% air, less than half of what ice cream contains, and its increased potency and smooth blend make it totally irresistible. Plus, who doesn’t love those cute little gelato spoons?

    What Flavor?

    We’ve all been there. You’re in the store, staring at the freezer, full of tubs of your favorite delicious dessert… which to buy? Which to bring home? There are so many kinds! Vanilla is unsurprisingly the most popular, but it only makes up 28% of the market, leaving consumers plenty of room for more.

Why do you love ice cream? Leave us a note in the comments below!

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