Buying Ice Cream Wholesale Just The Facts


Plastic ice cream cups

There are plenty of reasons why more and more stores are buying frozen yogurt cups wholesale to add to their stock. The ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt industry is one of that?s been around for many years. But unlike other older industries ? some of which are competitors ? ice cream is only becoming more popular, with things like personalized ice cream cups becoming a part of typical ice cream parlor supplies. Even if you aren?t an individual fan of ice cream or frozen yogurt, the value of this business will have you jumping to order frozen yogurt cups wholesale as quickly as possible.

When Do People Eat The Most Ice Cream?

The month of June sees the most ice cream produced total, and while sales do tend to spike while people combat the summer heat, ice cream remains popular year-round. The NPD Group reports that in any given two-week period, 40% of Americans will consume ice cream; furthermore, the average American will have ice cream 28.5 times in a single year. Part of ice cream?s appeal is in its simplicity: it is easily stored, and in the case of cups, easy to clean up after. Plus, it can be paired with almost any other dessert, satisfying even the pickiest sweet tooth.

Ice Cream: What People Want, And What They Get

?Ice cream? actually refers to a variety of different desserts. There?s the simple but perfect ice cream that Americans are all familiar with. Then there?s frozen yogurt, which is becoming more and more popular amongst a younger audience in particular, with frozen yogurt parlors becoming the favored hangout spots of many a teenage girl. 2013 alone saw a total of 2,582 frozen yogurt bars. Gelato, supposedly ice cream?s Italian counterpart, is actually different from both. Containing between 3 and 8% milk fat and 30% air ? compared to ice cream?s 50% air ?gelato ends up being creamier and denser than regular ice cream. It also tends to come in flavors that may not be as common in regular ice cream. Whichever is your personal favorite, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato are all popular with the American public.

Buying Wholesale: The Advantages

Now that you understand the consistent, reliable popularity of ice cream and other frozen desserts, perhaps you understand why people would want to buy frozen yogurt cups wholesale. Frozen yogurt cups, as well as ice cream and gelato cups, are more cost-effective to sellers when bought wholesale. They can also be bought along with plastic tasting spoons, customized cups and labels, and plenty of other ice cream parlor supplies. This is a field with a virtually limitless demographic ? whatever you buy will sell. There?s no way it couldn?t!

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